Teachers and other educators are cautioned about the different methods students learn. When planning lessons, they have to be hyper-aware that all the various learning approaches are covered so they don’t leave behind one or more of their students. One big challenge is that most people aren’t aware of how they best learn. In adulthood, this can translate into how people make decisions to purchase things or to patronize a business. As a business, that means you have to take a leaf out of a teacher’s lesson plans to ensure you’re reaching all the customers you possibly can.

Most Common Learning Styles

People learn in a combination of different ways and most people learn in more than just one way, so you’re bound to hit on most consumers with a couple of different advertising strategies. Visual learners lend themselves to your video marketing and picture-based ad efforts. If you show these people what you’ve got, they’re more likely to come to you for it. People who are auditory learners are best reached through you appealing to their sense of hearing. A jingle or song associated with you and a well-spoken advertisement are good ideas. If you only have print available, have a catchy slogan that represents your business brand. That can rattle around in someone’s brain in lieu of an auditory message. Reading and writing learners are easier to reach. Your well-written text ad covers these kinds of people.

A kinesthetic learner is a person who learns through touch. On the surface, this is a tough audience for a small business to reach. You’re going to have to think creatively to get your product or service to appeal to this kind of learner. Think about ways you can reach out. Does your local bank sponsor a small business outreach where you can put your product/service on display in their lobby? Are their other local businesses with whom you work closely where you can reserve one another space to do the same thing? Think booths at local fairs and community events and possibly even helping out with a non-profit to reach kinesthetic learners.

The Introvert/Extrovert Factor

It should be obvious that people’s personalities influence their purchasing decisions, but sometimes we forget that. An introverted person is more likely to do their research before buying or retaining services by looking at reviews, searching websites and looking at you remotely. An extrovert will want to engage with you personally before their purchase decision.

Appealing to people in the way they learn best can help them chose your company for their business.